Knowledge is Power!

  • Convert your information to knowledge. You have all of the data in files and on paper. Make it actionable through visibility, reporting, and tracking against meaningful objectives.
  • Reduce cost. Information at your fingertips will enable you to reduce cost by presenting the facts to your customers, carriers, and partners.
  • Improve service. Open and informed communication of true performance will enable you to identify and correct problems resulting in fewer errors and satisfied customers.
  • Increase cash flow. Follow up regularly with customers and carriers using instantly available information to improve cash flow.
  • Continuously improve operations. See conditions change and take appropriate action to improve operations on a continuous basis.

Manage your Relationships

  • Customers. Identify profitable customers and increase of profitability. Communicate with facts and work together to correct process deficiencies.
  • Carriers. Extract information, monitor carrier performance, communicate, improve and hold carriers accountable. Reward the best carriers and shed the bad.
  • Leads. Identify possible leads and increase lead to customer conversion. Maintain consistent lead communication with journal tracking.
  • Contacts. Maintain contacts list across the entire office or keep a personal list in VFB without the need for another expensive piece of software.
  • Appointments. Have the entire office share a built in scheduling/calendaring system so everyone is on the same page or keep your own personal calendar.

Who Can Benefit from Using

  • Truckload
  • Reefer
  • Van
  • Flatbed
  • Produce
  • Freight All Kinds (F.A.K.)
  • Specialized

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Anyone with basic computer skills will be up and running within minutes.
  • No database experience required.
  • Clerical associates can enter data in minutes including uploading of all associated documents.
  • Managers have information at their fingertips instantly.

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Visual Freight Broker Mobile Mobile ApplicationWe’re excited to introduce Visual Freight Broker Mobile. VFB Mobile is another exciting product that complements our existing line of freight broker software. The feed back that we’ve received on this product has been outstanding.

Freight brokers have always known the importance and necessity of being mobile. How many times have you needed to access some information in your freight broker application after hours or during the weekend? With the evolution of the mobile platform, there is no reason you should not have access to the information in your freight broker application at anytime and more import anywhere.Read More....

Your Companies Unique Identity

You’re just starting to create your companies identity or you’ve been working hard to maintain it. There are several forms used to communicate with your customers and carriers these forms can be customized to maintain your companies unique identity. If your looking for straight out of the box functionality then start out with our pre-defined forms and you know that they can be customized later if needed.

Automated Workflow

It can be a laborious process to keep updating status codes every time an event happens with a shipment. With VFB you can configure what status codes to set when certain events happen. For example when a shipment is created in the system have it automatically set the status code you have defined. When a carrier is assigned to a shipment have VFB automatically change the status code. There are a series of event that can be subscribed too creating your own customized workflow environment that complies with your operations.

Recurring Shipments

Create recurring shipments with a few clicks of the mouse.

Dynamic User Defined Data Views

Another great feature of VFB is to give the user the ability to create dynamic user defined data views. Take advantage of your own business intelligence by arranging different data elements from the system into meaningful and useful information. Select from 70+ different data elements and arrange them in relevant order. Some data elements allow for on the fly updates to the system and others create item templates which combine several relevant data fields into a single meaningful element. Create as many views as necessary and switch between them on the fly. Combined with extensive filtering this gives the user unmatched visibility into the data on the system. Each user can have an unlimited set of their own views that are relevant to their needs.

Mining Your Data

Having access to your shipment history and mining it can prove to be one of the most powerful benefits of VFB. With a few clicks a user can mine current and prior shipments to uncover important trends in shipping patterns. Use the dynamic user defined views in conjunction with data mining to shape your data into almost unlimited patterns.

Let’s talk about using data mining in a day-to-day practical application. A customer has just given you a shipment and now you need to find a carrier to move it. By mining the data using the dynamic user defined data views and extensive filtering the user can uncover carriers that have moved similar shipments in the past. Now sort the shipments by date to get the most recent carrier along with their contact information. By also displaying profit and loss the user can target the carrier where the most profit can be made.

By using simple data mining techniques built into VFB a wealth of information is at your fingertips.

Single Level of Service

With VFB there are no limits set on what you can use within the application. One simple pricing plan so you know exactly what you’re monthly cost will be. Start out using every available tool in the system or gradually move into each tool. Either way there are no surprises.


Create quotes and e-mail them directly to your customer for the fastest possible turn-around. Quotes have their own user definable number range. Once the customer accepts the quote one click turns it into a shipment and moves it into the main workflow process.